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Portal News Effort and Attainment Grades 13-Jul-2016
  Effort Grades Outstanding Effort Consistent effort to do your very best. Excellent behaviour. Level of attainment as good as could be expected according to ability. Good Effort Effort and behaviour are mainly good. Work is always completed and handed in on time. There is room to work towards outstanding effort. Satisfactory Effort There are times when effort and behaviour could be better. Work is usually completed and handed in but could have been done better. There is room to work towards a higher effort grade. Poor Effort Work and behaviour are below an acceptable standard. Unless effort improves, the pupil will be graded unacceptable at the next assessment. To help reach satisfactory or higher next time, the pupil will be placed on a report card for that subject. Unacceptable Effort Work and behaviour fall well below an acceptable standard. The relevant member of staff should arrange a meeting with the pupil’s parents to discuss the way forward. Attainment Grades Attainment grades are based on performance in class against the learning outcomes set for the particular year group. A* Work produced is of an outstanding standard. A Work produced is of a high standard, easily exceeding the learning outcomes for the year group. B Work produced is of a good standard, exceeding the learning outcomes for the year group. C Work produced is of a satisfactory standard, meeting the learning outcomes for the year group. D Work produced is below average. The desired learning outcomes for the year group have not been met. Please note that A* should be reserved for potential scholars.